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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

With love from Anonymous Ukraine - leak private emails of some members of the Ukrainian Parliament!

Greetings to the world!

Here we are again – Anonymous Ukraine! The destiny of Ukraine is with Europe, not with Russia. Ukraine must free Yulia Timoshenko and sign the Association Agreement with the European Union. President Yanukovich and the ruling Party of Regions are doing everything to block the release Yulia Timoshenko and the signing of the Association Agreement. We are revealing the true face of the Ukrainian government and politicians. They steal, they lie and live luxurious lives. They should stop stealing and lying. We now leak private emails of some members of the Ukrainian Parliament! Enjoy!

 Slava Ukraini!

We are Anonymous. 
We are Legion. 
We do not forget. 
We do not forgive. 
Expect us!!NBAB1CxQ!e9Up_xORnubsbfeWXMbwuQ6IYFR0AAoQ9RKTeXJ9jsA

Sunday, December 1, 2013

WikiLeaks consultant Gottfrid Svartholm Warg extradited from Sweden after alleged access to NSA contractor CSC

Statement by WikiLeaks Publisher Julian Assange concerning Sweden’s extradition of WikiLeaks consultant Gottfrid ”Anakata” Svartholm Warg:

 ”It is time someone says it like it is: Gottfrid Svartholm Warg is a political prisoner and Sweden has fallen off the map of decent nations in its treatment of him. Gottfrid has always been ideologically driven to inform the world; he worked tirelessly to help WikiLeaks expose the slaughter of civilians in Iraq by a US helicopter gunship and was responsible for an important part of our infrastructure.

There are thousands of alleged cyber criminals, but instead of dealing with these cases, we see vast resources diverted yet again by the Swedish state into smashing Gottfrid. These attempts include the first trial of Gottfrid after US pressure (extensively documented in USembassy cables here released by WikiLeaks), his subsequent rendering from Cambodia by the Swedish intelligence service SAPO, his months of incommunicado detention in Sweden, and now his irregular extradition to Denmark – for a charge he was just acquitted of.

What is going on is obvious to anyone who cares to look; Gottfrid is being treated differently from everyone else because the Swedish state perceives him to have mocked its security complex and the United States. But within the insular, conformist world of Stockholm what has happened to Gottfrid is so demeaning to Swedish prestige, that like Sweden’s CIA rendition program, it is literally unspeakable. This Swedish social and political phenomenon has been so bad, for so long, that even the Spanish have a popular saying: ’Stop playing the Swede’—stop pretending that you don’t know what is going on. Instead of detailing the breakdown of the rule of law in Gottfrid’s case, Sweden’s national broadcaster takes pleasure in fantasies of Gottfrid’s future suffering: joking at length on air about the years of prison rape Gottfrid might have ahead of him.”

Letter by Anakata’s mother, Kristina Svartholm, to Fair Trials International (August 2013): Click here

Background on the Danish extradition: Click here

Swedish prosecution documents against Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, released May 2013: Click here

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ukraine GOV hacked. CUSTOMS of UKRAINE MASSIVE Docs leak.

Greetings our fellow lulz.

Time to anchore our Marie Lulzize in an unstable harbour of Odessa in Ukraine. This great day we present you 1GB of raw data from one of the servers of CUSTOMS.GOV.UA. To be pricise Ukraine Customs in Danube and Black Sea – marine customs. Inside you will find much lulz related to illegal operations with oil and gas, corruption schemes and also much of good eddible intel all related to corruption in Ukraine government controlled marine cargo operations, bribes and gov kickbacks. Much of the inside of the package is related to former Ukraine Customs Chief – Ihor Kaletnyk who is an active FSB operative enforcing Russian rules of engagement in Ukraine. Also alot of offshore moneylaundering by this persona and other government crooks. We undrstand that oil is money and money is power. But they just don’t realize that one day shit happens and this shit pours from big A right into their greedy throats.

Sneak Peak of 64 documents

3 archives with full data totaling ~1Gb


We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not Forgive, We do not Forget,

Expect Us

Friday, November 15, 2013

#OpKillingBay: Anonymous launches attacks against Japanese Government sites

A few days ago, hackers of the Anonymous movement initiated OpKillingBay, a campaign in protest against the killing of dolphins and orcas in Taiji, Japan.

The hacktivists have published a list of Japanese government websites they plan on targeting. Some of the sites have already been attacked.

Supporters of OpKillingBay have announced distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks against the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( and the Prime Minister’s Office ( At the time of writing, both sites appear to be working properly.

They also claim to have disrupted the website of Wakayama, the prefecture in which the town of Taiji is located.

“An estimated 20,000 dolphins will be slaughtered in Taiji this year alone. If after reading that you still don't care enough to help stop the Slaughter then you deserve the same fate as the Dolphins,” the hackers stated.

The operation continues.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Anonymous says it hacked the British Parliament during November 5 protest

Anonymous hackers claim to have breached the systems of the British Parliament during the protests that took place on November 5.

The hacktivists have told The Register that they obtained a password for the Parliament’s Wi-Fi network from a website set up for a conference. The publication has confirmed that the password in question is publicly available, but it hasn’t disclosed its location.

The hackers claim that they’ve used the password to connect to the government’s Wi-Fi from outside the building. Once they gained access to the network, the hacktivists allegedly hijacked several devices, including computers and iPads.

They also say they’ve gained access to email servers from which they’ve retrieved user login details. In addition, they presumably launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack against the Parliament’s website.

Government representatives have confirmed seeing heavier traffic than usual on November 5. However, they’ve stated that the Parliament’s secure network and applications haven’t been breached.

Alleged hacktivists arrested for hacking Singapore websites

A number of people have been arrested in connection to the recent attacks on Singapore websites, including a man that’s said to be “The Messiah,” the hacker who breached The Straits Times.

The Messiah is believed to be 35-year-old James Raj Arokiasamy who was arrested on November 4 by Malaysian authorities. According to The Straits Times, he was handed over to Singapore police the next day.

The suspect is said to have been involved not only in the cyberattack against The Straits Times, but also in the ones against the website of the co-founder of the City Harvest Church, and the People’s Action Party Community Foundation. The attacks were launched from an apartment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Interestingly, Raj has been on the run since 2011 when he was charged for offenses related to drugs. For the hacking-related crimes, the man faces up to three years in prison and/or a $10,000 (€7,500) fine.

He’s not the only one identified by authorities in connection to the recent cyberattacks in Singapore.

Five others have been questioned by police regarding the recent attacks. However, their cases are not related to the one against Raj.

Two of them, brothers, are suspected of being involved in the attack against the Prime Minister’s Office. They have been released on bail. A third individual is also helping with the investigation into the PMO website “defacement.”

Two suspects, aged 17 and 45, have been questioned regarding the cyberattack on the website of the presidency. They haven’t been detained.

It’s worth noting that the websites of the presidency and of the prime minister haven’t actually been hacked. The attackers exploited cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities to make it look as if the sites had been defaced.

Right after Anonymous hacktivists published a statement threatening the Singapore government, the country’s prime minister warned hackers that they would be tracked down.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

Today, 13 November 2013, WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text for the entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. The TPP is the largest-ever economic treaty, encompassing nations representing more than 40 per cent of the world’s GDP. The WikiLeaks release of the text comes ahead of the decisive TPP Chief Negotiators summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 19-24 November 2013. The chapter published by WikiLeaks is perhaps the most controversial chapter of the TPP due to its wide-ranging effects on medicines, publishers, internet services, civil liberties and biological patents. Significantly, the released text includes the negotiation positions and disagreements between all 12 prospective member states.

The TPP is the forerunner to the equally secret US-EU pact TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), for which President Obama initiated US-EU negotiations in January 2013. Together, the TPP and TTIP will cover more than 60 per cent of global GDP.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anonymous sends message to Japanese Government regarding killing of Dolphins

Anonymous hackers have initiated a new operation. The campaign, called OpKillingBay, is aimed at the Japanese government.

The hackers are unhappy that the government is allowing people in the Japanese town of Taiji to slaughter dolphins.

Anonymous hacktivists say they’ve been monitoring these activities for a long time but now, since Japan has ignored pleas from the international community, they’ve decided to take action.

“This is our final warning, stop these slaughters immediately, or get ready to face the extent of our wrath,” they warn.

The hackers say they’ve already launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack against Wakayama is the prefecture in which the town of Taiji is located.

For additional details regarding OpKillingBay, check out the video statement published by Anonymous. More information is available on Pastebin.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anonymous hackers leak mafia and corruption documents from Italian Government

Anonymous hackers claim to have breached the personal computer and mobile devices of Giuseppe Scopelliti, an Italian politician and a member of The People of Freedom party, currently the elected president of Calabria. This is allegedly only the first in a series of leaks targeting Italian regional governments.

The leak is part of a campaign called Operation Italy. The approximately 1,000 documents leaked on this occasion are related to the mafia, drugs and corruption, according to the hackers. The files include emails allegedly belonging to Scopelliti and members of his staff.

Anonymous accuses Scopelliti of not doing anything to stop the mafia’s activities in Calabria.

“This is just a beginning. People of Italia do have the right to know what the government is involved in, especially when it comes to mafia wars and corruption in the region,” the hacktivsts wrote on

The hackers say that the president of Calabria is only their first target. The leaders of regions such as Lombardia, Sicilia, Toscana, Campania and Puglia are next.

“While we are not that happy with the politics of many governors, especially when it comes to protecting mafia, corruption and economic downfall, it has come to this – we managed to infect most of the personal computers in regional administrations, mainly presidents of Calabria, Lombardia, Sicilia, Toscana, Campania and Puglia,” the hacktivists stated.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Barrett Brown’s mother sentenced to 6 months probation [AP]

Karen Lancaster McCutchin, the mother of Anonymous-affiliated activist Barrett Brown, has been sentenced to six months probation for helping her son hide a couple of laptops from FBI agents.

She has also been ordered to pay a $1,000 (€750) fine, the Associated Press reports. In May, McCutchin pleaded guilty to the charges brought against her.

The judge that handed out the sentence, U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Stickney, has decided that her acts don’t “warrant any jail sentence at all.”

In a statement published right after the sentencing, the Free Barrett Brown group noted that they were pleased with the “leniency shown by the judge.” However, they say they condemn the sentence and the case against McCutchin as a whole.

In the meantime, Barrett Brown’s case continues. The trial date is set for April 2014. The activist faces up to 105 years in prison.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sentencing of LulzSec hacker Sabu postponed to January 13, 2014

Last week, on October 25, Hector Xavier Monsegur, better known as Sabu of the LulzSec hacker collective, should have been sentenced. However, his sentencing has been once again postponed.

The government has submitted another adjournment request.

“The Government respectfully submits this letter, on behalf of both parties, to request an adjournment of the October 25, 2013 sentencing date in light of the defendant’s ongoing cooperation with the Government,” the letter to Judge Preska reads.

Authorities have asked for the sentencing to take place on January 13, 2014 at 4:00 PM. Interestingly, it appears that the letter was written in haste since the date is misspelled as January 13, 2013.

Few people were surprised on Friday after learning that the sentencing was once again postponed.

Another LulzSec hacker, Jeremy Hammond, has revealed that the US government is using Sabu to hack various organizations, including foreign governments.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

#Anonymous hacks systems of Spain’s Catalan Police

Anonymous hackers claim to have breached the systems of Mossos d'Esquadra, the police force of Spanish community of Catalonia. The targeted website is the one of the Catalan police union (, from which they’ve leaked the details of several individuals.

The hackers claim to have gained access to a massive database. However, they’ve only leaked the phone numbers, emails, tax identification numbers (NIF) and ID numbers of 421 agents.

The attack targeted at the website is a form of protest against police violence. The hacktivists accuse Catalan law enforcement of killing an innocent individual.

The information published by the hackers on Pastebin has been removed. In the meantime, the website of the Catalan police union has been taken offline.

An investigation has been launched by the police’s computer crimes division, the organization’s representatives stated. Impacted individuals are being contacted.

Friday, October 25, 2013

LulzSec hacker Sabu should be sentenced today, October 25 (Updated)

Hector Xavier Monsegur, better known as Sabu of the LulzSec hacktivist group, should be sentenced today.

Monsegur should have been convicted a long time ago. However, since the government is still relying on his services, the decision has been delayed several times.

In August, the judge was asked to postpone the sentencing for October 25, 2013 at 2:30 PM “in light of the defendant’s ongoing cooperation with the Government.”

There’s a chance that the scenario will be repeated. On August 22, just before Sabu was supposed to be sentenced, another LulzSec hacker, Jeremy Hammond, revealed that the government was using Monsegur to “facilitate the hacking of targets of the government’s choosing,” including the systems of foreign governments.

Stay tuned to find out whether Sabu will finally be sentenced.

Update. Attorney Theodora Michaels has learned that Sabu will not be sentenced today. There are no additional details at this point.

12-Year-Old Canadian admits hacking Government and Police websites - #Anonymous

A 12-year-old boy from Montreal, Canada, has admitted hacking government and police websites as part of an Anonymous operation that took place in 2012.

He is said to have hacked several commercial websites, the one of the Quebec Institute of Public Health, the one of the Montreal police, and the site of a government organization from Chile. The damage he caused has been estimated at around $60,000 (€41,700).

The young hacker, who hasn’t been named, is a grade 5 student. He has been passionate about computers since he was nine years old.

His actions were not politically motivated. Instead, he provided information to Anonymous hacktivists in return for video games, the Toronto Sun reported.

Authorities say he launched distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, defaced websites, and leaked data from their servers.

He has pleaded guilty to three hacking-related charges. Others were also arrested in relation to the Anonymous attacks. However, the 12-year-old is said to be the one that helped the others penetrate the websites.

Anonymous hackers target Russia for Detaining Greenpeace Activists

Hackers of the Anonymous movement have launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack against, the online portal of the Government of Russia. The attack comes in protest against the arrests of Greenpeace activists by Russian authorities.

The hackers reported that the government website went down on October 23 at 22 GMT +1.

“This TangoDown is in support of jailed GreenPeace activists who staged a protest against oil exploration in the Arctic Ocean last month,” the hacktivists noted.

The attack is also against the arrests of members of a Russian feminist punk rock protest group. The hackers say they support the rights of the LGBT community and they fight against police violence.

“Those who fight for equality are not terrorists! We ask FREEDOM for all!” they said.

At the time of writing, appears to be working properly.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Massive DOCS leak. MFA.GOV.UA hacked

Greetings fellow lulz!

Sailing a thousand miles, a thousand seas we cross them all internally, So today we present you Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - first part of the massive release is dedicated to His Emminence - Ambassador of Ukraine to Azerbaijan – Alexander Mischenko – literally we managed to hack into Ukraine ISP EuroTraceTelcom and thus pwned all emails in the domain <>

We started our release from Ukraine Embassy to Azerbajan because We are very much concerned about state of affairs in UKR AZERI relations in terms of Oil and Gas trade and we know that much of it has to do with Former Prime Minister of Ukraine – Tymoshenko “never to happen release” – Ukraine Government is so fucked up bullshitting Europe about it’s intentions to become a member of EU pursuing European Democracy Postulates – hell yeah they lie in such an arrogant manner – so to cut the crap short - Azeri oil groups have lotsa funky stuff related to Tymoshenko deals back in a day and Ukraine Embassy keeps lot of it in secret so we want them to start shake a little by making this public. Lotsa stuff in there related to Ukraine Naftogaz CEO Bakulin and his FSB affairs, Ukraine Ministers and Parliament, UAE and Azerbaijan Oil Groups, Military Cargo traffic and much more fun



Sche ne vmerla Ukraina!

We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget

Expect us…

Greetz to our Fellaz in Ukraine, Greetz to all Anons and Lulz, high 5 to TPB

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anonymous Twitter Account @Anon_Central Hacked by Sabu - False Reports

Over the past few hours, Twitter has been buzzing with news regarding the @Anon_Central Twitter account, which has over 170,000 followers, being hacked by Sabu, the former LulzSec hacker turned FBI informant.

RT was the first to publish a post on the topic and a link to it almost immediately started circulating on Twitter. Many jumped to conclude that @Anon_Central wasn’t hacked by Sabu, but instead, it was owned by authorities right from the start.

In reality, the account wasn’t hacked. Its owner simply posted a couple of messages which read “hacked” and “hacked by Sabu.”

“So according to #RussiaToday, SABU is in a hacking spree of Anon accounts on twitter. wut?” @Anon_Central later wrote.

While it’s true that Sabu, or Hector Xavier Monsegur, is still cooperating with US authorities, it’s unlikely that he’ll start hacking Twitter accounts and writing “hacked by Sabu” on their timeline.

RedHack and Anonymous Team Up for November 5 Protests - #OpDirenis

November 5 is a symbolic date on which hacktivists and activists from all over the world plan on protesting and marching for various causes. RedHack and some members of the Anonymous movement have teamed up for such a protest in Turkey.

According to individuals involved in the campaign, dubbed Operation Direnis (“direnis” is the Turkish word for “resistance”), there will be no defacements or data leaks. Instead, the operation focuses on activism that doesn’t involve cybercrimes.

“Both Anonymous and RedHack are not solely based on hacks, leaks or the exposure of corrupt officials. The very core of both groups are based on activism, in where upon protesting and rebellion is an act of not chaos or anarchy, but of justice, truth and liberty,” the initiators of the operation stated.

“We are here with you today to warn you of an operation that will either go down in history, or it will be forever forged in the stones of rocks, deep in the shadow and forgotten,” they added.

“It is up to the people of Turkey to make one final push to declare both their civil, human and political rights.”

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Greetings, citizens of the internet, we are Anonymous - #OpMaryville

"On October 14, we demanded that Daisy's case be reopened and justice be brought to the boys. And even though our press release has been removed by YouTube for spam and other supposed 'community violations,' fear us as the Hydra; cut off one head, and two more will rise up to take its place. Our demands will be met. It's time for the 'good old boys club' to come to an end in Maryville."

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Venezuelan Military and Government Websites Hacked by #Anonymous

Hackers of Anonymous Venezuela have breached and defaced several websites of the Venezuelan government and military.

The list of targets includes the websites of the Bolivarian Military Technical Academy ( and, the Directorate General of Military Counterintelligence (, the portal of Paez Hydrologic of the Ministry of the Environment (, the Municipal Police of Vargas (, and the Aragua Police (

In addition, the hacktivists have defaced the website of the University of Falcón (, and the one of a non-profit organization called AVEGID (

It’s worth noting that on the website of the University of Falcón, the hackers have placed a web-based DDOS tool that’s set up to attack the site of the Currency Administration Commission (, which is currently offline.

The attacks represent a form of protest against the country’s government.

At the time of writing, all of the websites are still defaced.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#Anonymous Leaks Large Number of Files After Hacking Poland’s Ministry of Economy

Hackers of Anonymous have leaked a large number of files allegedly stolen from the systems of Poland’s Ministry of Economy. More precisely, the data appears to come from the servers of the Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of Polish Embassies and Consulates (

The hacktivists claim to have obtained information on all of the organization’s global offices.

“Basically, it’s Ministry of Economy that got pwnd – a tiny bit of it which was enough to wreck havoc inside their network. In this particular release we deliver Belarus office of this notorious organization which is engaged in industrial espionage through its offices located at Embassies of Poland worldwide,” the hackers wrote on

“Basically all trade missions, no secret whatsoever are into spying but this particular office was stashed with internal reports by the polish anti-corruption bureau and its intelligence wing. Inside you will find accesses to VPNs, emails, databases and many more,” they added.

“We do not respect such actions by Veslav Pokladek of Poland and his puppies from the CBA so we deliver this leak.”

The hacktivists claim this is only a small part of the information they’ve obtained. They say they’ll leak information from each of the offices one by one.

Similar to past data leaks, the hackers have provided a small preview on The files published by Anonymous include emails, memos, and copies of passports and other identification documents belonging to citizens of Moldova and Ukraine.

A couple of days ago, the same Anonymous hackers leaked over 3,700 documents from the systems of Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement admitting that its email systems have been breached.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Anonymous Leaks 3,700 Documents Stolen from the Greek Government and OSCE

Hackers of Anonymous have leaked over 3,700 documents allegedly stolen from the A3 Directorate for Southeastern European Countries of Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The attack is part of an operation dubbed “OpGoldenDawn.”

“We all know how bad the situation in Greece today is, alongside the economic mayhem the government allowed Nazis from Golden Dawn to sabotage the integrity of entire country and European principles of freedom and moral,” the hackers said.

“Today we deliver first sucker punch in a series of jaw breaking leaks, to reveal the truth about the Greece government involvement in conspiracy to spy on us with the help of its ENISA and OSCE cybercrime units. Those responsible for arrests of our fellow lulz charged with OP Payback. 13 is a sacral number so we will deliver one punch to reach exactly that.”

The hacktivists urge their supporters to make copies of the classified, restricted, and confidential documents posted on to make sure they can’t be removed by “government cleaners.”

They claim more documents will be leaked in the future.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

VIDEO: Edward Snowden wins Sam Adams award

This week Edward Snowden received the Integrity Award from the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence. These videos from the award ceremony are the first of Mr Snowden after being granted asylum in Russia.

The videos show Mr Snowden as he was given the award by Ray McGovern (ex-CIA) who said "Sam Adams Associates are proud to honor Mr. Snowden’s decision to heed his conscience and give priority to the Common Good over concerns about his own personal future. We are confident that others with similar moral fiber will follow his example in illuminating dark corners and exposing crimes that put our civil rights as free citizens in jeopardy.... Just as Private Manning and Julian Assange exposed criminality with documentary evidence, Mr. Snowden’s beacon of light has pierced a thick cloud of deception. And, again like them, he has been denied some of the freedoms that whistleblowers have every right to enjoy."

Also present at the ceremony was WikiLeaks journalist Sarah Harrison who took Mr Snowden from Hong Kong to Moscow and obtained his asylum. The previous award winners, all United States Government whistleblowers, Thomas Drake (NSA), Jesselyn Raddack (DoJ) and Coleen Rowley (FBI), were also in attendance. These videos were filmed on the October 9 and are released for the first time today.

Friday, October 11, 2013

#Anonymous attacked the websites of the top five Russian banks

The websites of the top five Russian banks, Sberbank, Alfa Bank, Gazprombank, VTB and the Russian Central Bank, have been victims of a series of DDoS attacks.

The actions of the hackers were directed against the websites of banks, non-banking services have been affected.

Caucasus The Anonymous group has taken responsibility for the fact.

Monday, October 7, 2013

GIFILES: Released #leaks - [ #Nepal ] 7,000 sensitive e-mails

The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered "global intelligence" company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal's Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor's web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.

Anonymous - Intro To #OpAnonLulz

Thursday, October 3, 2013

13 alleged members of #Anonymous have been indicted over Operation Payback

A U.S. grand jury on Thursday indicted 13 members of the hacking group Anonymous over cyber attacks that were reported against government agencies, trade associations and others beginning in 2010, according to a copy of the indictment.

The indictment was filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, and charges the members with conspiracy to intentionally cause damage to protected computers as part of Anonymous' "Operation Payback."

Anonymous Call to Action: #Nov5th 2013 - the Lion Sleeps No More

Greetings world. We are anonymous. We are the people.

Governments of the world: take this message as your last will and testament. The game is officially over. Social media has given birth to something new. Now it's time to set the record straight. This video is intended as that spark that gets delivered straight into the hearts and minds of the world. This video is an idea – a shared idea – so listen very carefully and make sure you are sitting down.

On the 5th of November 2013, Anonymous call for a day of global civil disobedience. This time we target all government facilities across the globe. Calling all free thinkers: the time for civil disobedience is now. This time it also seems unions from around the world are supporting this action. The lion sleeps no more. Ask yourself this: where will you be when we make history? November 5th, 2013. Worldwide. Now it's a vendetta. Now it's personal. Now it's time to occupy everywhere. It's time to throw everything we have at November 5th. It's time to relight the flame of protest until our demands are met. Now it's time for our brothers and sisters of the awakening to take to the streets. Austerity means war.

Here's to the dreamers, the one's that stand for human freedom, the Occupiers, the people that change things. It's about solidarity, but more than that, it's about the people, the people we meet, the people of the world standing together for a common goal. Concerned by numerous ecological and social problems, we stand united. As long as there are young and idealist people that share the views of ultimate human freedom, there will always be hope for the world.

We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. On November 5th, 2013: EXPECT US.

Click on the image to access the event

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ten arrests in 87 minutes: How NYPD dispersed peaceful #OWS protests

A short film by Paul Sullivan that chillingly breaks down the creepy tactics New York City police used to intimidate and harass protesters, and arrest them for expressing their first amendment rights in public space. In these examples, it seems they used "the momentum of arrests" to deter the spirit of the crowd--not because the individuals shown here actually posed a threat to the public, or had harmed anyone or done anything bad.

Anonymous hacker arrested in Texas for compromising county website

Fidel Salinas, Jr., a 27-year-old hacker apparently affiliated with the Anonymous subgroup AntiSec, has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Texas.

According to a criminal complaint (PDF) filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas on September 11, Salinas was arrested for “accessing, or attempting to access, a protected computer without authorization, and as a result of such conduct, recklessly causing damage.”

The charges stem from Salinas’s alleged hack, on January 5 of 2012, of, a website belonging to the Hidalgo County government in Texas and hosted by the company CivicPlus on a server in Kansas City, Kansas. Salinas allegedly used a brute force SQL injection attack to access the computer, registering 14,000 attempts before unlocking it.

According to court records, the attack “compromised sensitive human resources and emergency alert data, caused slowness and latency for users, and left administrators unable to access or manage the website for most of the day, according to an affidavit,” as SC Magazine wrote.

More: here

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'Most violent in years': Istanbul protests spread across #Turkey

The initial protest was prompted by government-backed plans to demolish a park in the center of Istanbul, to build a shopping mall. Since then, it's grown into an Occupy-style rally against the Islamist-leaning government. In the capital, Ankara, police also used tear gas to push back protesters who were trying to reach the headquarters of the ruling Justice and Development Party.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

‘#Anonymous’ hack threat prompts WiFi shutdown on #Guantanamo - #OpGTMO

Recently, the hacker group calling itself as Anonymous began a campaign on Twitter to warn about the inhuman conditions of the prisoners who are in Guantanamo. Through posts and hashtags, members began to mobilize many people and came to announce a possible attack.

Because of this, the U.S. military chose to disable WiFi network available in prison, so that hackers could not access the database locally or would end any other way interfering in the functioning of the penitentiary. Thus, Guantanamo spent last Monday completely offline.

According to the protest group Anonymous, hundreds of prisoners living in conditions that violate human rights - including for detainees who are possibly starving. Moreover, this is not the first time that staff Guantanamo goes by problems with the internet since last month, a lot of digital documents simply disappeared.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Associated Press “Joins #Anonymous”

News broke Friday that the government had wiretapped and extensively spied on the Associated Press for reporting on terrorist activities. This was quickly followed by a now-deleted tweet in support of the shadowy collective of hackers known as Anonymous.

A spokesperson for the AP refused to comment, leading some to speculate the tweet was the result of hackers from Anonymous. Others believe this was possibly a false flag attack from the CIA aimed at discrediting the AP.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Occupy Love - The Global spring is coming #OWS


OCCUPY LOVE captures the heart of the movement of movements that is sweeping the planet in response to today's economic and environmental crises. Acclaimed filmmaker Velcrow Ripper travels to todays history-making hot spots, asking the question, 'How can crisis create a love story?'

Scenes include the Egyptian revolution in Tahrir Square, Spain's Indignado movement, Occupy Wall Street NYC and native activists at the Alberta Tar Sands. Woven throughout the moving, action oriented backbone of the story, is a deep exploration of the heart of the movement, the meaning of love, and concrete examples of just what “another world” could look like, featuring some of the world’s key visionaries on alternative systems of economics, sustainability, and empathy.

Occupy Love is a moving, transformative, heartfelt film, featuring stunning visuals and rich soundscapes. A powerful cinematic experience that will leave audiences inspired.

New York May 3-9, San Francisco May 9, Seattle May 14, London, Berlin and more. Canadian Theatrical release begins in May 27, 2013 in theatres across Canada. And more!

Community screenings begin April 11th around the world, including multiple cities in Brazil, New Zealand, England, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Bulgaria, France, across the U.S. and Canada, with new screenings being added every day. This crowd sourced, social media driven approach to distribution is consistent with the theme of the film, which was also partially crowd funded through IndieGoGo and Kickstarter.

Occupy Love will be available on DVD and on-line via and most major platforms including iTunes and cable Video-On-Demand (VOD) starting May 3rd in the US and internationally, DVD and download only in Canada. U.S.

CANADIAN BROADCAST PREMIERE This summer, on SUPER CHANNEL, a key partner in the production of Occupy Love

FOUND LOVE MOBILE APP A free global photo sharing application and web gallery that focuses on capturing and geo-tagging “found” heart images with moods and stories that describe love and interdependence. A collaboration between One Net Marketing, Fierce Love Films and SuperChannel

Made with super from SuperChannel and the Canada Media Fund

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#Anonymous Hackers claim to breach North Korean site Uriminzokkiri - #OpNorthKorea

Hacking group Anonymous claims to have broken into North Korean site and got their hands on more than 15,000 user credentials. A message posted online makes the claim and includes details for six accounts, apparently showing user names, e-mail addresses, birth dates, and hashed passwords.

"Enjoy these few records as a proof of our access to your systems (random innocent citizens, collateral damage, because they were stupid enough to choose idiot passwords), we got all over 15k membership records of and many more. First we gonna wipe your data, then we gonna wipe your badass dictatorship "government"."

Of the six users, three have Korean names and the other three appear to be Chinese. "North Korean government is increasingly becoming a threat to peace and freedom. We demand: - N.K. government to stop making nukes and nuke-threats, uncensored internet access for all the citizens and Kim Jong-un to resign"

Four of the six users have Chinese email addresses, there’s a Hotmail address and one South Korean address that apparently belongs to KEPCO KDN, a smart-gird systems provider that’s part of the Korea Electric Power Co.

"Don't fear us, we are not terrorist, we are the good guys from the internet. AnonKorea and all the other Anons are here to set you free. We are Anonymous We are Legion We do not forgive We do not forget Expect us!" message read.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bradley Manning has been nominated for a 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

February 1st 2013 the entire parliamentary group of The Movement in the Icelandic Parliament, the Pirates of the EU; representatives from the Swedish Pirate Party, the former Secretary of State in Tunisia for Sport & Youth nominated Private Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize. Read more.

Wealth Inequality in America

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The People Occupy Puerta del Sol to demand the resignation of the gov't! #Anonymous #Occupy

The Puerta del Sol in Madrid is being occupied since last night. Five people have slept on the square under the equestrian statue to mark the start of an indefinite protest against government corruption and austerity measures.

They were baptised ‘#Las5deSol’, and they have been subject to fervent tweeting ever since the sun came up. Right now, citizens are gathering in the square. According to rumours, there are people occupying in Valencia as well. In Berlin, there was a demonstration against key corruption suspect and visiting prime minister Mariano Rajoy.

 At five, there will be a General Assembly in Sol. Today’s call is not only to storm Popular Party headquarters, but also to occupy for as long as the government doesn’t resign. Keep checking http://www.SpanishRevolution.TV, http://www.TomaLaTele.TV, @15MBcn_Int and @GlobalRevLive.

#Anonymous Leaked Account Data for 4,000 Bank Executives on a Government Website

After hacking up government websites last week, and the week before, Anonymous has pulled off another hack to push their agenda of reforming computer crime law in the wake of Aaron Swartz's suicide. This time, they've leaked names, addresses, and other information about over 4,000 bank executives. And they did it all on a government site.

The leak which is still posted on the official Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center website as of this writing is another another arm of Operation Last Resort. Until now the project has involved plenty of threats but no actual leaks. The leaked info includes titles, addresses, phone numbers, emails, ID numbers, and hashed passwords of the affected bank executives, and while that may seem sort of tangentially related to computer crime reform, that's how Anonymous has been spinning it.

So far there's been no official response to the leak from the parties affected, but there's little reason to believe that all that information is fabricated. Anonymous has been on a pretty successful run of defacing government websites, and it looks like it isn't going to end any time soon. Sure, this hack isn't quite as happy-go-lucky as their last, but it's definitely a pretty serious accomplishment. And you can bet this isn't the end of it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

#Anonymous hacker Christopher Weatherhead jailed for 18 months

Anonymous hacker Christopher Weatherhead has been handed an 18-month jail sentence for carrying out a series of high-profile distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The 22-year-old was previously convicted of hacking into the websites of Visa, Mastercard and PayPal, costing the latter an estimated £3.5 million, Sky News reports.

Fellow Anonymous members Ashley Rhodes and Peter Gibson were tried alongside Weatherhead at Southwark Crown Court, receiving seven months in jail and a six-month sentence, suspended for two years, respectively.

Rhodes, 28, was found guilty of conspiring with Weatherhead to impair the operations of the targeted businesses between 2010 and 2011, while 24-year-old Gibson was deemed to have played a lesser role, which he admitted to. Judge Peter Testar said: "It is intolerable that when an individual or a group disagrees with a particular entity's activities they should be free to curtail that activity by means of attacks such as those which took place in this case."

A fourth man, 18-year-old Jake Birchall, has also admitted to playing a part in the conspiracy and will be sentenced at a later date. DDoS attacks overload computer systems by hitting them with an impossible number of requests simultaneously.

Victims of the Weatherhead-led attacks, referred to as Operation Payback, received the following message: "You've tried to bite the Anonymous hand. You angered the hive and now you are being stung." The ring leader is believed to have targeted Paypal after it refused to process transactions for the Wau Holland Foundation, a group attempting to raise funding for WikiLeaks.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

#Anonymous’ hacks Argentina data agency

Hacker group Anonymous blocked the official website of Argentina’s National Institute of Statistics and Census amid an international stand-off over claims the country has lied about its economy. “They lie to the people, but the people are true to their word,” the hacker collective’s Argentina branch wrote on its Twitter account.

“You think they are going to continue lying to people? Something has to be done to change this.” At 6:30 pm (2130 GMT), INDEC’s website was still out of service. Last year, INDEC reported that Argentina’s inflation reached 10.8 percent — less than half the 25.6 percent estimated by consultants and critics.

Anonymous has attacked INDEC’s site before, amid questions over its data, including during an incident in August. Directors of the International Monetary Fund will meet on February 1 to decide if and how to punish Argentina for not supplying accurate economic data. In September, IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned that the fund could censure Argentina with a “red card” after nearly two years of pressing Buenos Aires to abide by IMF rules and provide accurate data on economic growth and inflation.

The executive board received a formal report on Argentina’s non-compliance with the Fund’s data rules in December, but the report’s recommendations have not been divulged. The stand-off has worsened relations between Argentina and the IMF, already at odds over the country’s financial crisis a decade ago.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Operation Unite: Expect #Anonymous against NDAA

Join us in the fight for our freedom and rights at the AnonSet IRC channel #OpUnite or via webchat –

Friday, January 4, 2013

WILD LEAK: German Chamber of Commerce and Bahar Energy Socar leak - #Anonymous

Happy new year revolutionary people! Today we present you with a stash of intel from German Chamber of Commerce AHK.DE so far AHK was pwned in these locations: Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq and still counting.

AHK is a type of organization which does lobby business processes in many countries while gathers intel on many business entities worldwide. Just like in presented release of Ukraine and Azerbaijan offices of AHK - we can find internal info which AHK is not suppose to have in a first place - internal documents and financial reports and confidential agreements of Bahar Energy and SOCAR (Azerbaijan), Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine etc.

Today we provide data from AHK office in Ukraine and Azerbaijan all from the personal computers of delegate of German economy in Ukraine, Alexander Marcus and his wife - Russian citizen and also FSB operative.

We shall not tolerate any Chamber of Commerce in any country to be engaged in any commercial spying and lobbying interests of particular companies in major government funded projects - example Bahar Energy contractors. Preview of what's inside Greetings, Anonymous Intelligence Agency