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Monday, October 30, 2017

Anonymous Million Mask March event locations - Join Us! #MMM2017

Activists from around the world are preparing themselves for their yearly gathering. On the 5th of november thousands will head to the streets to walk in solidary in their Million Mask March, also called #OpVendetta. While hiding their faces, mostly by wearing different kinds of masks, they will protest against censorship, corruption and many more things.

This march, organized by anonymous activists and hacktivists, has been known for several years as the largest protest event in the world. Each year it still grows in numbers, and more and more ordinary people become involved. The only thing that really unites these people is anonymity. Together they march as one entity that can not be harmed because no one knows who they are behind their bandana’s and their masks. That concept is what they themselves say, bulletproof.

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