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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

FBI Investigated 'Occupy' As Possible 'Terrorism' Threat, Internal Documents Show!

According to internal documents newly released by the FBI, the agency spearheaded a nationwide law enforcement effort to investigate and monitor the Occupy Wall Street movement. In certain documents, divisions of the FBI refer to the Occupy Wall Street protests as a "criminal activity" or even "domestic terrorism."

The internal papers were obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice fund via a Freedom of Information Act Request. The fund, a legal nonprofit that focuses on civil rights, says it believes the 112 pages of documents, available for public viewing on its website, are only "the tip of the iceberg."

Monday, December 24, 2012

Ex-CIA Agent comment what #Anonymous is

UK cops: How we sniffed out convicted AnonOps admin 'Nerdo'

Hint: Sometimes gamer tags give the game away Weatherhead (Nerdo) was a network administrator and among a small group of leaders on an AnonOps IRC channel that became the focus of a police investigation, spearheaded by members of Scotland Yard's Police Central eCrime Unit.

Former Detective Constable Trevor Dickey, who has left the Met and found work in the private sector since the successful conclusion of the investigation, explained: "In a nutshell we identified Weatherhead via the IRC network."

"We identified their IRC channels and captured several weeks of chat. During that time we looked at the status of nicks such as admins and operators," he added.

"We then did some keyword searching and spent a lot of time looking social leakage. Combining all these elements we then identified the nicks of interest and did open source research on them. Weatherhead was easy to identify as he had been using the nick of 'Nerdo' for quite some time," he concluded.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

RT America's most influential people of 2012 - #Anonymous

Reason for the suspending of AnonOpsSweden And AnonDoxing

Hello Anons We are Anon_Doxing

It has come to our attention that the reason for the suspended twitter accounts of @Anon_doxing and @AnonOpsSweden Is a little but un-clear

what Happen was @Anon_Doxing Leaked about 200 Credit cards and personal information from the site [link] for trying to push harder Censorship laws on the internet when we leaked them on twitter we asked of help from @AnonOpsSweden to Get them around witch got both of our accounts banned/Suspended but @GetOnDownTweets had reported us to get us banned then right beside us was @AnonOpsSweden cause they retweeted us when we asked him to. (Sorry AoS) This is to clear up a bit on what happennd that led up to us being suspended by twitter

HashTags #FreeAoS #FreeAnonDoxing #FreeAnons #TwitterGulag #AnonOpsSweden #AnonDoxing 

Hope to see you all soon back on twitter. Feel free to troll the fuck out of @GetOnDownTweets! United As One Devided By Zero - Anonymous

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anonymous 'Operation Payback' hackers convicted for costly DDoS attacks

Four Anonymous hacktivists have been convicted of conspiracy for DDoS attacks that cost major banks and the British music industry £3.5 million ($5.6 million). Christopher Weatherhead was found guilty today by the Crown Prosecution Service, following guilty pleas from Jake Birchall, Ashley Rhodes, and Peter Gibson earlier this year. As part of "Operation Payback," the four led DDoS attacks against PayPal, Master Card, and Visa for stopping the processing of Wikileaks donations as well as the British Recorded Music Industry, Ministry of Sound, and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry for their actions against internet piracy. This certainly isn't the first time Anonymous and LulzSec hackers have been convicted, and likely won't be the last as the legal system catches up with the organization's high profile hacks from the past year. The conviction may result in jail time, fines, or both for the guilty parties, which the court will determine during sentencing hearings in January.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Anonymous declares war on Syrian government Web sites #OpSyria

Concluding that the Syrian government was responsible for the country's Internet blackout, the online hacktivist group Anonymous has announced a campaign against Syrian government Web sites hosted outside the country.

The Middle Eastern country began experiencing an Internet outage earlier today, and many people on Twitter reported that phone lines are down as well. All 84 of Syria's IP address blocks have become unreachable, effectively removing the country from the Internet, according to Renesys, which operates a real-time grid that continuously monitors Internet routing data.

Anonymous said it had conducted an "exhaustive analysis" of the blackout and determined that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had severed fiber-optic and coaxial cables going into Syria. "Essentially, they have physically 'pulled the plug out of the wall,'" Anonymous said in a press release. "As we discovered in Egypt, where the dictator Mubarak did something similar -- this is not damage that can be easily or quickly repaired."

Characterizing the outage as a "desperate move by a dying regime," Anonymous said it would begin a campaign at 6 p.m. PT dubbed "Operation Syria" to remove all Web assets belonging to Assad's government hosted outside the country. The group said its first target would be servers for all Syrian embassies, beginning with the embassy in China.

The hacker collective has ratcheted up its online attacks against Middle East governments in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the group launched a hacking blitz on Israel in retaliation for air strikes on Gaza. The hacking spree also targeted retail and business sites, allegedly resulting in the defacement or shutdown of hundreds of sites. Israel's government said its Web sites logged more than 44 million hacking attempts in just a few days.

"By turning off the Internet in Syria, the butcher Assad has shown that the time has come for Anonymous to remove the last vestiges of his evil government from the Internet," Anonymous said.