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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Finally Peace in GAZA

A long term cease fire has been agreed between the Israel and Palestine in Gaza after 50 dreadful days of war, almost 7 weeks of fighting, killing more than 2200 Palestinians and injuring more than 11000 lives.

The numbers of civilians displaced in GAZA were 100,000 plus as per UN, but the Palestine Centre for Human Rights reported that more than 540,000 people were displaced from their homes in GAZA.

Israel and Palestine have agreed to the long term cease fire sponsored by the Egyptians which came into effect at 16:00 GMT Cairo time.

This is what the President of Palestine had to say:

“We have responded to the Egyptian proposal for a complete and comprehensive cease-fire, which starts at 19:00 Cairo time, there will be a complete stop in fighting.”

Reconstruction of GAZA

As per few media reports Gaza will host a new sea port, Airport and will get assistance in development of the country. The Israelis ease the blockade on Gaza including assistance humanitarian aids and materials of reconstruction.

Israel also accepted to open border crossings’ as well as to increase the fishing coast line of Gaza from 3 to 6 nautical miles in the Mediterranean.

The foreign minister of Egypt made following statement:

“The two sides will abide by the cease-fire without a The two sides will abide by the cease-fire without a time limit. The deal includes as well the continuation of indirect talks between the two sides here in Egypt to tackle other areas of mutual interest and concerns.”

Both countries will return to Cairo after a month to discuss about the new projects as well as peace related matters.

Celebration of Victory in Gaza

Since the ceasefire news spread, HAMAS invited tens of thousands of Gazan’s to march on the streets, sing patriotic and victory songs.

Even though this ceasefire was the same like after the war in Israel back in 2012, people still celebrated this all over Gaza.

Gaza was filled with people on the streets, religious prayers from the mosques, people dancing after Sami Abu Zahri, Hamas spokesman said during the conference.

“We are here today to declare the victory of the resistance, the victory of Gaza, with the help of God, and the steadfastness of our people and the noble resistance; we achieved some of our instantaneous demands out of this battle. We become closer to Jerusalem and our Palestinian lands.“

And here is what one of the Citizen of Gaza had to tell about the celebration:

“We have mixed feelings. We are in pain for the losses but we are also proud we fought this war alone and we were not broken.”

Disappointment and Criticism in Israel

Government of Benjamin Netanyahu is now facing heavy criticism from different Israeli communities who say that the Israeli failed to stop “Gaza Militants”.

However many Ministers in Netanyahu’s Govt. didn’t like the ceasefire and wanted to continue the war. Even though, Netanyahu didn’t put the ceasefire to a vote in his security Cabinet.

Uzi Landau, Israeli’s Tourism minister, criticised the government during a radio talk by saying “Wanting peace at any Price” which created a buzz among the groups present in the country.

Some Israelis also said that – They didn’t see a bright future, taking into account, number of times Israeli and Palestinians have relapsed in a conflict.

Here’s what few Citizens of Israel had to tell –

Maya Naveh, from the city of Modiin said -

In recent years, we’ve been having these kinds of attacks on average every two years, the area is like dry thistles — you just need to throw a match, and everything is ablaze. So I am not very optimistic about the future.

A Top Israeli officer with a condition of anonymity said –

In the end, Israel had two alternatives: either to occupy Gaza and destroy Hamas or to go to a ceasefire, once we decided not to occupy Gaza, we pushed for the same conditions that led to the end of hostilities in 2012.

Mark Regev, Israeli Govt. spokesperson said –

We hope that this time, the ceasefire will stick, I think now, as the dust will begin to clear, many people will be asking: Why is it that today Hamas accepted the very same Egyptian framework that it rejected a month ago? Ultimately, so much bloodshed could have been avoided.

Israel also claimed that the tunnels used by the HAMAS for import-export of weapons used to attack Israeli civilians, was destroyed by its army operations.

As per the Israeli Military, Israel launched 5000 air strikes on GAZA , while resistance in GAZA, they fired almost 4000 rockets as well as mortars with the help of HAMAS as well.

The UN reports also shows us that 70% of those who were killed were Palestinian civilians, 67 Israelis, where 64 of them were soldiers, have also been killed during these 50 days.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Anonymous Hacked Ferguson Police Servers and Launched a DDOS Attack

Police officers in Ferguson, Missouri have been forced to communicate via text message after Anonymous launched a DDOS attack against the city’s servers shutting them down, following the murder of Michael Brown. On top of that, private servers of the Ferguson police department were hacked to get personal information. Both peaceful and violent protests have taken place in response to the atrocity in Ferguson.

Last Thursday, anonymous performed a DDoS attack on Ferguson servers. The attack was in reaction to the murder of 18 year old, Michael Brown, an African American teenager who was killed unjustly by white policemen. Law enforcement officials said recently that the FBI has taken an immense interest in the investigation of hacking attempts directed at the personal computers and online accounts of police officers who are part of the department responsible for the murder.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets, in affiliation with three policeman, who’s names are undisclosed, have reported the police as victims of a ‘cyber attack’, suggesting that anonymous is to blame for the violent demonstrations that took place in Ferguson, avoiding the clear fact that the PD of Ferguson are responsible, and a reaction like this is to be expected in result to the killing of an innocent person. This is of no surprise that corporately funded news outlets would be hesitant to speak negatively of the police.

In reality, despite the propaganda that the 1% will spew forth, it is organizations like Anonymous that are fighting for freedom, unrestricted by the fascist regulations of a fear-mongering governing body, we can fight for peace using whatever means possible.

Source: Techworm

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Worldview 3 Satellite – The Eye Watching Us In The Sky

The uncontrolled effect of technology and internet are there to keep reminding us of the cons of too much openness on the world. Even though programs to protect internet users’ privacy are various, very soon even such programs will be of no use. This is because soon the Worldview3 satellite will be up there in the sky launching from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base atop an Atlas 5 rocket.

Google with the approval of the US government has made this satellite powerful enough to capture our faces with a resolution of 25 cm which was not allowed legally before unless it is for a military satellite. This fierce satellite has been developed by Digital Globe which is a US number one suppliers for high-resolution earth imagery and online mapping that made it easy now to capture our faces from high above regardless of clouds or snow or any weather condition. Having the short-wave infrared sensors equipped by Ball Aerospace-developed CAVIS instrument (i.e. against Clouds, Aerosol, water Vapor, Ice, and Snow) and 1.1 meter aperture telescope, it can take up to 680,000 square kilometers a day.

The critical, but easy to answer, question here is: who can access Worldview 3?

The answer is the regular clients of Digital Globe represented by: Google, Microsoft, NASA, and the US federal agencies which are the main and only winners of Worldview 3 as they will be able to spy freely on us without us having any single right to protect ourselves especially if the government restrictions continue to be even more relaxed to reach 10 cm per pixel, for instance.

This will definitely open the door for other giants in the field like google who is planning to launch its satellite by 2018 that has the ability to capture the whole planet three times a day with only one meter distance resolution and a 90 second video at 30 frames per second.

This is not an illusion or a far dream, google has already started launching two if its rockets on a Russian rocket.

Source: The Hacker News

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Internet Blackout in Syria – The Real Story

Before ensuing about the story, lets first look back two years and figure out what exactly went wrong when Syria became totally blacked out – a sudden disengage from the rest of the world, which resulted in a 3 day Internet blackout in 2012. Well now, the question was! Was it the Syrian Government behind this blackout?

The dim-out took place exactly during the period of intense and profound ongoing civil wars in Syria. So, as it is supposed, it was assumed that it was the fault of the Syrian government. But, the Syrian Minister stood his ground and made it clear that the government had not disabled the internet, instead the outage was caused by the cable cut by the terrorists to emphasize their existence. Although, when investigated it didn’t seem likely to be a terrorist’s work.

And so, the question came up again on who exactly was the reason for this Syrian Internet Blackout? Well, the answer to that was NSA. The very agency responsible for number of other major happenings.

National Security Agency (NSA) – the agency powered with the strength of God, had ruled over the confidentiality and privacy of the entire world from countries to personages. This organization had the access to read anyone’s data, infringe into large fibre networks, and can narrow out anyone, at any place and at any time.


The latest revelation from the global reconnaissance whistle-blower Edward Snowden removed the mask from yet another Agency’s secret- a 2012 incident that took Syria’s internet status from “Online” to “Offline” was caused by the NSA was nothing but a blunder.

Written by: Annon

In an interview with esteemed journalist James Bamford from Wired magazine published today, Snowden stated that their elite hacking unit in the NSA, very well known as Tailored Access Operations(TAO), inadvertently took most of Syria of the Internet World Map, while make an attempt to insinuate the country’s traffic.


The TAO unit had supposedly been making an effort to mount a malware by exploiting a liability in the router of the main Syrian ISP that would have allowed the agency to readdress the traffic from the central router to the system tapped by NSA’s turmoil packet capture system and the Xkeyscore packet processing system.


Instead, the renowned TAO hackers successfully executed it, but to their dismay the plan backfired, as the unit accidently rendered the router, the very equipment it was trying to tap, causing the Syrian Internet to go under the sea. Snowden describes that instant as an “oh shit” moment at the TAO centre, where the NSA feared the moment when the Syrian Government would realize what they had done.

The incident proved to be really ironic, where the other parts of the American government was trying to keep Syria Connected, the TAO was trying to revert the damage done by them and cover their tracks, to no avail.

“Fortunately for the NSA, the Syrians were apparently more focused on restoring the nation’s Internet than on tracking down the cause of the outage,” Bamford inked. Snowden told him that someone joked, “If we get caught, we can always point the finger at Israel”.

It had been largely misunderstood to that the dim-out was caused by one of the opposing parties within Syria, be it the government itself or its rebels. This thought occurred to them since, there have been numerous occasions rooting to similar outages. While the Syrian government stood by its ground blaming the “Terrorists” for the outage caused.

This recent Snowden’s confession pronounces a humiliating part of US intelligence agency, but at the same time, the disclosure also made the list of perpetrators that people will consider, as such incidents are prone to occur there.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Anonymous takes down Israeli Secret Service (Mossad) Website

Anonymous has already targeted multiple Israeli organizations as a part of the campaign “Operation Save Gaza” to stop the massacre in Gaza. They have now taken down the official website of the Israeli Intelligence agency, Mossad, against the Israel military incursion in Gaza. Twitter profile @AnonymousGlobo

Anonymous took down Mossad’s website is a DDoS attack. The attack is severe as the website was shut down for over 10 hours. They have shut down multiple Israeli government sites after the death of one of the members of Anonymous, Tayeb Abu Shehada. The 22-year-old was killed during a protest in the village of Huwwara in the West Bank by Israeli forces over the weekend.

Anonymous launched the campaign against the Israel government, which coincided with Israel’s Operation Protective Edge on July 7. Since then, Anonymous have taken down thousands of Israel based website including the Israel Defense Ministry and the Tel Aviv Police websites.

“We are calling upon the Anonymous collective, and the elite hacker groups to join our crusade, and to wage cyber war against the state of Israel once more. As a collective ‘Anonymous’ does not hate Israel, it hates that Israel’s government is committing genocide & slaughtering unarmed people in Gaza to obtain more land at the border,” This was the message posted by Anonymous online on the 25th of July. Hundreds of Israel government home pages had been replaced by graphics, slogans, and auto-playing audio files by Anonymous. They further released 170 log-in details which belonged to Israeli officials.

Anonymous launched hundreds of attacks on Israeli sites two years ago, with #OpIsrael targeting Israeli websites during the Israeli Defense Force’s operation ‘Pillar of Defense’ in Gaza. The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s data was completely wiped out and Anonymous was able to leak the data of 5,000 Israeli officials. They also hacked into the Israeli Deputy Premier’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, posting pro-Palestinian messages. A year back, they attacked 10,000 websites, causing approximately $3 billion is damages to Israel.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Power and Price of Anonymity

Christopher Poole aka “moot” is the founder of 4chan which is an online imageboard whose anonymous users and readers have spawned the web’s most bewildering — and influential — subculture. He explains 4chan, how it produced the “meme” culture and how the “anonymous” idea / collective started to rise from 4chan.
Watch the video here: