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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Anonymous takes down Israeli Secret Service (Mossad) Website

Anonymous has already targeted multiple Israeli organizations as a part of the campaign “Operation Save Gaza” to stop the massacre in Gaza. They have now taken down the official website of the Israeli Intelligence agency, Mossad, against the Israel military incursion in Gaza. Twitter profile @AnonymousGlobo

Anonymous took down Mossad’s website is a DDoS attack. The attack is severe as the website was shut down for over 10 hours. They have shut down multiple Israeli government sites after the death of one of the members of Anonymous, Tayeb Abu Shehada. The 22-year-old was killed during a protest in the village of Huwwara in the West Bank by Israeli forces over the weekend.

Anonymous launched the campaign against the Israel government, which coincided with Israel’s Operation Protective Edge on July 7. Since then, Anonymous have taken down thousands of Israel based website including the Israel Defense Ministry and the Tel Aviv Police websites.

“We are calling upon the Anonymous collective, and the elite hacker groups to join our crusade, and to wage cyber war against the state of Israel once more. As a collective ‘Anonymous’ does not hate Israel, it hates that Israel’s government is committing genocide & slaughtering unarmed people in Gaza to obtain more land at the border,” This was the message posted by Anonymous online on the 25th of July. Hundreds of Israel government home pages had been replaced by graphics, slogans, and auto-playing audio files by Anonymous. They further released 170 log-in details which belonged to Israeli officials.

Anonymous launched hundreds of attacks on Israeli sites two years ago, with #OpIsrael targeting Israeli websites during the Israeli Defense Force’s operation ‘Pillar of Defense’ in Gaza. The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s data was completely wiped out and Anonymous was able to leak the data of 5,000 Israeli officials. They also hacked into the Israeli Deputy Premier’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, posting pro-Palestinian messages. A year back, they attacked 10,000 websites, causing approximately $3 billion is damages to Israel.


  1. Please re-double your efforts. Thank you.

  2. Proud of you guys keep it up ;)

    1. Very proud of you, please protect the children, women, most of the person in there needs you.

  3. Good luck and keep up the great work

  4. The world is with you. Thank you.

  5. keep fighting the occupiers!people of the world unite against all forms of oppression!

  6. Good job ! We all should be in this. This kind of genocide in front of the worlds eyes can't be unpunished anymore.