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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Anonymous Hacked Ferguson Police Servers and Launched a DDOS Attack

Police officers in Ferguson, Missouri have been forced to communicate via text message after Anonymous launched a DDOS attack against the city’s servers shutting them down, following the murder of Michael Brown. On top of that, private servers of the Ferguson police department were hacked to get personal information. Both peaceful and violent protests have taken place in response to the atrocity in Ferguson.

Last Thursday, anonymous performed a DDoS attack on Ferguson servers. The attack was in reaction to the murder of 18 year old, Michael Brown, an African American teenager who was killed unjustly by white policemen. Law enforcement officials said recently that the FBI has taken an immense interest in the investigation of hacking attempts directed at the personal computers and online accounts of police officers who are part of the department responsible for the murder.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets, in affiliation with three policeman, who’s names are undisclosed, have reported the police as victims of a ‘cyber attack’, suggesting that anonymous is to blame for the violent demonstrations that took place in Ferguson, avoiding the clear fact that the PD of Ferguson are responsible, and a reaction like this is to be expected in result to the killing of an innocent person. This is of no surprise that corporately funded news outlets would be hesitant to speak negatively of the police.

In reality, despite the propaganda that the 1% will spew forth, it is organizations like Anonymous that are fighting for freedom, unrestricted by the fascist regulations of a fear-mongering governing body, we can fight for peace using whatever means possible.

Source: Techworm


  1. Good job guys, keep the truth coming.

  2. Good job guys, truth will out.

    1. The truth will be told, the government will be shown to be corrupt. The nation will be restored...restored correctly. We do not forgive and, we do not forget...expect us