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Thursday, January 24, 2013

#Anonymous hacker Christopher Weatherhead jailed for 18 months

Anonymous hacker Christopher Weatherhead has been handed an 18-month jail sentence for carrying out a series of high-profile distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The 22-year-old was previously convicted of hacking into the websites of Visa, Mastercard and PayPal, costing the latter an estimated £3.5 million, Sky News reports.

Fellow Anonymous members Ashley Rhodes and Peter Gibson were tried alongside Weatherhead at Southwark Crown Court, receiving seven months in jail and a six-month sentence, suspended for two years, respectively.

Rhodes, 28, was found guilty of conspiring with Weatherhead to impair the operations of the targeted businesses between 2010 and 2011, while 24-year-old Gibson was deemed to have played a lesser role, which he admitted to. Judge Peter Testar said: "It is intolerable that when an individual or a group disagrees with a particular entity's activities they should be free to curtail that activity by means of attacks such as those which took place in this case."

A fourth man, 18-year-old Jake Birchall, has also admitted to playing a part in the conspiracy and will be sentenced at a later date. DDoS attacks overload computer systems by hitting them with an impossible number of requests simultaneously.

Victims of the Weatherhead-led attacks, referred to as Operation Payback, received the following message: "You've tried to bite the Anonymous hand. You angered the hive and now you are being stung." The ring leader is believed to have targeted Paypal after it refused to process transactions for the Wau Holland Foundation, a group attempting to raise funding for WikiLeaks.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

#Anonymous’ hacks Argentina data agency

Hacker group Anonymous blocked the official website of Argentina’s National Institute of Statistics and Census amid an international stand-off over claims the country has lied about its economy. “They lie to the people, but the people are true to their word,” the hacker collective’s Argentina branch wrote on its Twitter account.

“You think they are going to continue lying to people? Something has to be done to change this.” At 6:30 pm (2130 GMT), INDEC’s website was still out of service. Last year, INDEC reported that Argentina’s inflation reached 10.8 percent — less than half the 25.6 percent estimated by consultants and critics.

Anonymous has attacked INDEC’s site before, amid questions over its data, including during an incident in August. Directors of the International Monetary Fund will meet on February 1 to decide if and how to punish Argentina for not supplying accurate economic data. In September, IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned that the fund could censure Argentina with a “red card” after nearly two years of pressing Buenos Aires to abide by IMF rules and provide accurate data on economic growth and inflation.

The executive board received a formal report on Argentina’s non-compliance with the Fund’s data rules in December, but the report’s recommendations have not been divulged. The stand-off has worsened relations between Argentina and the IMF, already at odds over the country’s financial crisis a decade ago.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Operation Unite: Expect #Anonymous against NDAA

Join us in the fight for our freedom and rights at the AnonSet IRC channel #OpUnite or via webchat –

Friday, January 4, 2013

WILD LEAK: German Chamber of Commerce and Bahar Energy Socar leak - #Anonymous

Happy new year revolutionary people! Today we present you with a stash of intel from German Chamber of Commerce AHK.DE so far AHK was pwned in these locations: Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq and still counting.

AHK is a type of organization which does lobby business processes in many countries while gathers intel on many business entities worldwide. Just like in presented release of Ukraine and Azerbaijan offices of AHK - we can find internal info which AHK is not suppose to have in a first place - internal documents and financial reports and confidential agreements of Bahar Energy and SOCAR (Azerbaijan), Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine etc.

Today we provide data from AHK office in Ukraine and Azerbaijan all from the personal computers of delegate of German economy in Ukraine, Alexander Marcus and his wife - Russian citizen and also FSB operative.

We shall not tolerate any Chamber of Commerce in any country to be engaged in any commercial spying and lobbying interests of particular companies in major government funded projects - example Bahar Energy contractors. Preview of what's inside Greetings, Anonymous Intelligence Agency