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Thursday, April 30, 2015

#Anonymous hacks @CapePD and leaked 300 officers info

Anonymous revealed personal data from Cape Coral Police Department in response to police brutality that occurred on June 29, 2014 against the mister Travis Robey.
Via a tweet that has a link redirecting to the information, along with a text explaining the hack. There is also a video.


  1. You all have it wrong. He slapped and punched a female officer. You all promote women violence now?

    1. Whats woman violence?

      I promote speaking and typing correctly as one of the many bars a "peace" officer must achieve before being accepted into the force AND people to cite their sources. So....anonymous detractor person, link the fact, show the video, mail the report, I dont care how but you cant just add some trashy doubting comment and expect someone to care or believe you, especially if you let auto correct or ignorance do your typing.

  2. siamo con voi anonymous italia e con voi

  3. can you remove bronies from the internet