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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reason for the suspending of AnonOpsSweden And AnonDoxing

Hello Anons We are Anon_Doxing

It has come to our attention that the reason for the suspended twitter accounts of @Anon_doxing and @AnonOpsSweden Is a little but un-clear

what Happen was @Anon_Doxing Leaked about 200 Credit cards and personal information from the site [link] for trying to push harder Censorship laws on the internet when we leaked them on twitter we asked of help from @AnonOpsSweden to Get them around witch got both of our accounts banned/Suspended but @GetOnDownTweets had reported us to get us banned then right beside us was @AnonOpsSweden cause they retweeted us when we asked him to. (Sorry AoS) This is to clear up a bit on what happennd that led up to us being suspended by twitter

HashTags #FreeAoS #FreeAnonDoxing #FreeAnons #TwitterGulag #AnonOpsSweden #AnonDoxing 

Hope to see you all soon back on twitter. Feel free to troll the fuck out of @GetOnDownTweets! United As One Devided By Zero - Anonymous

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