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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Greetings, citizens of the internet, we are Anonymous - #OpMaryville

"On October 14, we demanded that Daisy's case be reopened and justice be brought to the boys. And even though our press release has been removed by YouTube for spam and other supposed 'community violations,' fear us as the Hydra; cut off one head, and two more will rise up to take its place. Our demands will be met. It's time for the 'good old boys club' to come to an end in Maryville."


  1. I love these guys - meaning Anonymous.

  2. Mia Freedmans take on the subject. It leaves me feeling angry since it seems to blame the parents and then the victims ( which she denies) (Nite Lite)

    1. I have also voiced my opinion on her website which may anger many of her mummy blogger supporters...