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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anonymous Twitter Account @Anon_Central Hacked by Sabu - False Reports

Over the past few hours, Twitter has been buzzing with news regarding the @Anon_Central Twitter account, which has over 170,000 followers, being hacked by Sabu, the former LulzSec hacker turned FBI informant.

RT was the first to publish a post on the topic and a link to it almost immediately started circulating on Twitter. Many jumped to conclude that @Anon_Central wasn’t hacked by Sabu, but instead, it was owned by authorities right from the start.

In reality, the account wasn’t hacked. Its owner simply posted a couple of messages which read “hacked” and “hacked by Sabu.”

“So according to #RussiaToday, SABU is in a hacking spree of Anon accounts on twitter. wut?” @Anon_Central later wrote.

While it’s true that Sabu, or Hector Xavier Monsegur, is still cooperating with US authorities, it’s unlikely that he’ll start hacking Twitter accounts and writing “hacked by Sabu” on their timeline.

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