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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#Anonymous Leaks Large Number of Files After Hacking Poland’s Ministry of Economy

Hackers of Anonymous have leaked a large number of files allegedly stolen from the systems of Poland’s Ministry of Economy. More precisely, the data appears to come from the servers of the Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of Polish Embassies and Consulates (

The hacktivists claim to have obtained information on all of the organization’s global offices.

“Basically, it’s Ministry of Economy that got pwnd – a tiny bit of it which was enough to wreck havoc inside their network. In this particular release we deliver Belarus office of this notorious organization which is engaged in industrial espionage through its offices located at Embassies of Poland worldwide,” the hackers wrote on

“Basically all trade missions, no secret whatsoever are into spying but this particular office was stashed with internal reports by the polish anti-corruption bureau and its intelligence wing. Inside you will find accesses to VPNs, emails, databases and many more,” they added.

“We do not respect such actions by Veslav Pokladek of Poland and his puppies from the CBA so we deliver this leak.”

The hacktivists claim this is only a small part of the information they’ve obtained. They say they’ll leak information from each of the offices one by one.

Similar to past data leaks, the hackers have provided a small preview on The files published by Anonymous include emails, memos, and copies of passports and other identification documents belonging to citizens of Moldova and Ukraine.

A couple of days ago, the same Anonymous hackers leaked over 3,700 documents from the systems of Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement admitting that its email systems have been breached.

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