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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anonymous hackers leak mafia and corruption documents from Italian Government

Anonymous hackers claim to have breached the personal computer and mobile devices of Giuseppe Scopelliti, an Italian politician and a member of The People of Freedom party, currently the elected president of Calabria. This is allegedly only the first in a series of leaks targeting Italian regional governments.

The leak is part of a campaign called Operation Italy. The approximately 1,000 documents leaked on this occasion are related to the mafia, drugs and corruption, according to the hackers. The files include emails allegedly belonging to Scopelliti and members of his staff.

Anonymous accuses Scopelliti of not doing anything to stop the mafia’s activities in Calabria.

“This is just a beginning. People of Italia do have the right to know what the government is involved in, especially when it comes to mafia wars and corruption in the region,” the hacktivsts wrote on

The hackers say that the president of Calabria is only their first target. The leaders of regions such as Lombardia, Sicilia, Toscana, Campania and Puglia are next.

“While we are not that happy with the politics of many governors, especially when it comes to protecting mafia, corruption and economic downfall, it has come to this – we managed to infect most of the personal computers in regional administrations, mainly presidents of Calabria, Lombardia, Sicilia, Toscana, Campania and Puglia,” the hacktivists stated.

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