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Saturday, March 14, 2015


Many individuals have showed an amazing amount of support in regards to Operation ISIS and have asked how they can contribute to our cause. The steps below can be used to track Islamic State accounts and their websites.

1- Locating an Islamic State Twitter account

If you are new to this locating an Islamic State militant account can prove to be difficult however after locating your first account you will be able to find thousands more following these steps. ISIS militants and their supporters feed off of attention and publicity commonly using Twitter hash tags such as #IslamicState among others. Run a Twitter search using this hash tag and you will find your first Islamic State account. If you are still having difficulty locating an account Twitter search #CtrlSec or #OpISIS

2- I have located my first Islamic State Twitter account

Now that you have located your first Islamic State Twitter account you will now be able to collect many more and form a vast network of information. With the account you initially located review all of their following and followers collecting Twitter account names as you move forward. When you are collecting account names you must retrieve their Twitter ID by visiting If you do not collect the account ID they can easily change their account name to evade you as they commonly do once detected. As you are collecting Islamic State Twitter accounts check each bio and their tweets for website URLS and log the information. With the data you have compiled visit and publish a paste of your findings.

3- I have a list of Islamic State Twitter accounts and URLS.

Now that you have collected this information you can take action against them by reporting them to Anonymous, authorities and Twitter. If your paste link contains Islamic State Twitter accounts you can tweet your paste making sure to use the hash tag #CtrlSec so the corresponding operatives can collect your link and terminate the accounts. If your paste link contains Islamic State website URLS tweet them using the hash tag #GhostSec so their operatives can collect intelligence and disable the website. If you have concerns for your personal safety you can alternatively email us with your information at using a anonymous mailer service such as

Your contributions to our cause are immensely appreciated and this could never be achieved without your unyielding support.

We are the ghosts that you have created.


  1. If you hack into an Islamic account you can use LogDog to watch over their account and fetch their IP address the next time they log in to it. After that try hacking into their webcams and you can see what's going on around there. Also while logging into their account be sure to use a proxy because they can probably do the same thing.

  2. They are changing their accounts fast, this will take awhile but I'll be sending some URLs and twitter accounts

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  3. Replies
    1. I know right?! History in the making! #fuckisis


  5. Another useful method is by searching using Arabic keywords that ISIS accounts are likely to use. It may be even more effective to target these accounts than the English ones, because Arabic speakers are probably a more receptive audience for their recruiting propaganda. In any case, I made a list of some words that I thought would be among the most-frequently used by ISIS accounts. That list can be found here:

    You can just copy the Arabic text and paste it into the Twitter search bar - it will be interpreted correctly. You can then use Google Translate (or your preferred translator) to read the text of the account's tweets, though I've found it's more helpful to just look for images that are obvious propaganda since you can use those to make the case for account suspension.

    I enabled comments on the sheet, so feel free to suggest any additions there or contact me on Twitter @hanytimeh. To be clear, I am not an Anonymous supporter, so don't follow me expecting cheerleading. This is a practical matter of me regarding ISIS as a dangerous enemy, and Anonymous as the enemy of my enemy.

    1. Good post, and I am here as well despite not being a supporter of Anon. I agree with some of the stuff, but not all. But I will help anyone taking on ISIS

  6. I want to help sooo freaking bad but do not want to use my phone for this only because phones are easily trackable not like how I could get a computer set up but, i am without a computer at the moment. Sorry but I do stand with.

  7. Started hunting ISIS online yesterday.
    It's not as difficult as I imagined.
    One trick is to avoid wasting time on the mass of followers, but instead to focus on the leaders.
    all together, including setting up anonymous email, twitter account, installing tor browser, hunting, and coffee breaks; to reporting several high value targets and websites, it takes few hours of work.
    definitely worth it!
    Will keep on until they are wiped out.

  8. be very careful these savages are very mean and evil

  9. Thanks for the comments, these are things I have recently learned already, however, once you find a good lead, just follow their followers and followings. My Twitter, has translator, so I get to click on translate to see what they are saying. I am not computer literate, but as I figure out things I want to help¿

  10. I would like to add, it is not the militants, that should be attacked, it is the United States government, whom made(I.S.I.S.) AND IZ NOW supplying and funding...!

  11. Mike Caputo, I tried going to the link you had provided said it couldn't be found. While I understand basic Arabic I want to ensure that I won't be targeting innocent people. So if you could can you please post another link so I can review the list before I begin, thank you

  12. Mike Caputo, I tried going to the link you had provided said it couldn't be found. While I understand basic Arabic I want to ensure that I won't be targeting innocent people. So if you could can you please post another link so I can review the list before I begin, thank you

  13. They can not defeat us.

  14. How do you report so many accounts?!!?
    Its just Impossible for me to find if its practical.. we need simpler easier way...
    Let me know. I have team of 70+ who can help with that!!

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    Twitter User ID: 3123665315
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  18. Twitter User ID: 3130751411
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    Twitter User ID: 3075280800
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  19. Thanks for Posting Keep up the Good fight !
    I know I will

  20. Thanks for Posting Keep up the Good fight !
    I know I will

    Posting this shit:

  22. These aren't Twitter accounts, but they are still used by Daesh sympathizers to diffuse their propaganda. If you are in the US, could you help ramp up pressure on to shut these accounts down?