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Saturday, March 21, 2015

#FreeLorax: Anonymous Member Prosecuted

The Australian government had proposed a controversial security law that is expected to pass. The proposed bill will require ISP’s to store their users activity online for a period of two years. After taking out the personally identifiable data, which may have included members of the Australian government, Anonymous released the data to demonstrate that if an ISP as large and trusted as AAPT can’t keep it’s own data secure, it will be unable to keep their customers data secure under the proposed laws.

During Bennett’s court appearance in December of 2014, the prosecution asked to delay the hearing saying that they needed more time to complete their report because the amount of work required was “quite large” and it involved “vast amounts of digital data and telephone intercepts”. The Judge then delayed Bennett’s hearing until March 4th. The hearing was delayed once again due to the prosecution asking for one-week adjournment to come up with new charges. On the Friday before March 4th, the prosecutors revealed that the primary charges against Bennett, hacking the AAPT would most likely be dropped.

"Hey Australia, there are much bigger fish to fry than one Anon radio host who wanted to make a difference #FreeLorax"

- Anonymous (@AnonyOps) March 7, 2015

It is believed that Bennett has been under full investigation since 2010, long before the AAPT hacking incident. One of the charged Bennett’s counsel believes will be brought against him is the “Heartbleed Vulnerability Testing for Cancer Support W.A. 2014.” this stems from a vulnerability test created by Bennett to test his employer’s servers (Cancer Support W.A.) for Heartbleed vulnerabilities. That test put the CRM that Bennett helped build at significant risk.

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  1. really no comments to free this man after all he wanted to do was make a good difference