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Saturday, November 24, 2012

PayPal has lost 5.57 million attacks with #Anonymous - #OpPayback

The attacks by the Anonymous PayPal in retaliation for the decision to deny payments to WikiLeaks last year, resulted in losses of $ 5.57 million to the website of online payments, reports the Daily Mail.

The value came during the trial of hackers involved in the denial of service attacks - when a page is bombarded with more requests than it can handle - which overthrew the PayPal website and required 100 technicians working to restore the site.

Four youths - Christopher Weatherhead, 22, Ashley Rhodes, 28, Peter Gibson, 24, and a 18 year old guy whose name was not disclosed by British justice, are being charged with conspiracy.

 As the promoter Samit Patel, was used a free tool available on the Internet called Low Orbit Ion Canon (LOIC). Once downloaded, the "gun" can be used to attacks by concentrating traffic access to a specific page. Patel also said that LOIC was used in conjunction with another service, called AnonOps, which allows remote "zombie" computers to attack simultaneously.

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