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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

News @Anon_Central regarding the suspension of his Twitter account

Dear friends,

We’re so happy to know that many of you love the account this much although sometimes we post stuffs which may have pissed you off. You people are truly amazing and no matter what, you are Anonymous. You are the real power which made us keep going even in the darkest time. Anon_Central is just an account which was trying to change the reality and people perceptions about issues and society.. used by few of us. So it’s okay, if you follow the idea, if you love the idea, you are anonymous, just keep on tweeting about freedom, activism and keep helping your fellow anons. Or there are many anons who are doing the same thing! Follow them! Support them! —-

Anyway about the suspension, twitter have not given any reason for suspension and I’ve just submitted an appeal against it so let’s wait for few days for their action. Let’s hope they know about free speech and all the shits going on in the world right now because of their masters.

We’ve heard many good things about twitter about following their ethics on their users so let’s see where they stand on this one. We really love all of you who are supporting the account but please don’t make threats or do any other silly things. We do not attack any media or social sites because for the obvious reasons. So keep calm and keep tweeting. This is your time and the time is short, the great awakening is coming very fast. So there’s no reason to fight about small things really.

WE are Anonymous<
Time for us to forgive<
 But we may never forget<
 We are Legion<
 WE’re already here<

 With love and respect, -Anon_Central

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