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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hackers recreate the NSA Spying Kit using junkyard items.

Mr. Edward Snowden revealed last year the NSA’s Advanced Network Technology catalog, a list of the tools provided by the NSA to its agents for spying purposes. Now some hackers and security experts have used this leaked information to make similar tools using available junkyard electronics.

The leaked catalog was examined by Michael Ossmann and his team. And they found out that many of the items were very easy to recreate at a fairly low price. He has already build a Software-Defined-Radio (SDR) which can record and transmit data from a target PC using a Kickstarter project, and this can be bought for just $300.

Ossmann has also recreated two more of NSA’s gadgets which function similar to the Ragemaster and Surlyspawn keystroke logger using just few transistors and pair of wires as an antenna. These devices are not as small as the NSA’s hardware but are at a fairly cheap cost.

Ossmann said, “Our goal isn’t to help hackers conduct their own spying operations, nor to make it easier for the government to get low-cost surveillance hardware. the goal of this project is to help the security industry understand the range of threats it should be protecting against.”

He has also set up a website named NSA Playset. Here he has given details on how they have reverse-engineered some of NSA’s hardware at a fairly cheap cost.

Author: Alpha X

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